Are you looking for a certification review class?  

                 Neo-Productions: Maternal-Newborn Seminars 
        offers affordable one and two-day classes focusing on assisting 
        the registered nurse to prepare to take the National Certification      
        Corporation's certification examination in the following areas

                             "Maternal-Newborn Nursing" 
                            "Inpatient Obstetrical Nursing" 
                            "Low-Risk Neonate Nursing"
                            "Electronic Fetal Monitoring" 

All inclusive package options available for both small and large groups.   
            All Inclusive Packages

   1. Speaker fee 
   2. Course brochure use (optional)  
   3. Complete travel expenses
   4. Keynote audio/visual presentation
   5. Participant Manuals
        (Spiral bound, black & white print) 
   6. Practice text questions 
   7. Continuing Education Hours (12)   
   8. Printing and shipping all materials

Maternal Newborn Seminars
Interested in other continuing education opportunities, Maternal Newborn Seminars will develop and present topics based on the needs of the client.  

All research, development, and presentation of materials is done by Neo-Productions: Maternal Newborn Seminars and is reflects the topics from the National Certification Corporation detailed study outline and the recommended references for test preparation. However, the National Certification Corporation does not support or endorse any certification review classes. 

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